If a student requires any medication (prescription or non-prescription) during the school day, his/her parents or guardians must bring the medication to the office in its original container with the student’s name clearly visible on the bottle (no baggies or pillboxes allowed) and fill out the appropriate forms for the medicine’s administration.   If the medication is to be administered at different times or in different amounts from what is specified on the label, a physician’s signature is required.  The medication will be administered to the student by the school secretary (or other authorized staff member) in the school office.  No medicine of any kind may be retained by students in lockers or backpacks, with the following exception: a student who has been instructed in the self-administration of medication for treatment of a serious condition (e.g. asthma, allergies, diabetes) shall be permitted to possess and use a prescribed medication (e.g. inhaler or Epi-Pen) at all times, provided the school has received, and administration has approved, a signed prescription or written direction from his/her physician or health care provider stating that the carrying of such medication is medically necessary. There will be disciplinary action for students who violate this policy.