The Vision of Heritage Community Charter School is to create:

High Academic Achievement
Continuous Love of Learning
Communication that is Effective
Safe and Respectful Environment

Heritage Community Charter School building in Caldwell, Idaho

The Mission of Heritage Community Charter School is to create:

an atmosphere of mutual respect where students feel safe and are challenged to become their best selves as they develop a curiosity and love of learning that will continue throughout their lives and prepares them for post-secondary education, careers, and service in their communities as well educated leaders who desire to preserve a democratic society and who act with integrity and character.

We believe all students should enjoy and be excited about learning.
We believe all students can contribute to the classroom and learning environment.
We believe HCCS students will understand and embrace their American heritage and foundations of Western civilization.
We believe it is important for each HCCS student to understand and value his/her own heritage as well as respect the diversity within our community.
We believe students should graduate from HCCS able to communicate fluently and effectively in more than one language.
We believe all students will be able to succeed at HCCS and in post-secondary education.
We believe all members of the HCCS community should be involved in meaningful community service.
We believe the HCCS board, staff and students will create a culture that promotes respect and values learning.
We believe that HCCS will create a culture that promotes sharing of opinions and encourages dialogue in which different opinions are respected.
We believe HCCS board members and faculty should model the core characteristics of HCCS which are Responsibility, Diligence/Work, Compassion, Friendship, Courage, Loyalty, Self-Discipline, Perseverance, and Honesty.