The Core Characteristics are attributes that are taught and exemplified in the school in an effort to encourage morality and strengthen our community. Each month a new characteristic is introduced and is a point of conversation in the classroom and monthly assemblies.

Responsibility- doing your part for the group that makes us whole.

Diligence/Work doing what needs to be done with devotion, dedication and determination.

Compassion– feeling what others are feeling and trying to help with their troubles.

Friendship– caring for each other in all we do and say.

Courage– doing what is right in the face of fear.

Loyalty– being faithful and true to our duties, relationships and ideals.

Self-Discipline- giving the best of ourselves and saying no to our weakness.

 Perseverance- pushing on despite difficulty and hardship.

 Honesty- truthfulness; loving the truth, telling the truth, and living truthfully in word and deed.


American flag in Mr. Olmos's 2nd Grade Classroom