WW=whole wheat W/CC=with cream cheese

Good nutrition is critical for students to do their best learning, and these requirements help us provide a better learning environment for your children.

Meal Requirements:

  •          Balanced Nutrition – The requirements for each meal are grain, protein, fruit, vegetables and milk.
    •      Lunch – a minimum of 4 different items are required
    •      Breakfast – a minimum of 3 different items are required
  •          Serving Sizes – Students are required to take full servings of each food group.
    •      1 Main entrée
    •      ¾ cup of vegetables (taking 1 carrot does not count as a serving of vegetables.)
    •      ½ cup of fruit
    •      1 Milk
    •      If they do not take the required servings, they will be sent back into the line to try again.
  •          2nd Choice Meals – The State only allows students to choose the 2nd choice meal (peanut butter sandwich) twice in each week.
    •      Picky eaters must pay attention to the menu to make sure they choose which days they want to get the 2nd choice meal.  They must eat the meals on the menu 3 days/week, or bring their lunch from home.

Possible Charge for Free/Reduced Students:

If students are not following the above requirements, we do not get reimbursed from the State, and therefore must charge students for their meal.

  •      Students who refuse to meet the meal requirements listed above will be charged the A La Carte price of $1.50.  This applies to students who qualify to receive free or reduced lunches. 

Please communicate these requirements to your students and help them understand the importance of good nutrition in their learning environment.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office.


During the school year we participate in the Free and Reduced Meals program; applications are available at the school office as well as online: Spanish and English. For income guidelines click HERE. Application guides in Spanish and English are available. Please ensure all fields on both sides of the application are filled out before handing into front office. If not filled out entirely it will cause a delay in application status and families MAY be responsible for full price breakfast or lunch during that time. Remember, proof of income MAY be requested at anytime during the school year.  Also, families can re-fill out an application at any time during the school year.

Lunch Times:  

K & 1st 12:15-12:45pm
2nd & 3rd 11:50-12:20pm
4th & 5th  11:25-11:55pm
Middle School- 12:40-1:15pm

How to join your child for lunch:

You are always welcome to come in and have lunch with your child. Please sign in at the office to receive a visitor badge. If you would like to purchase a meal the adult cost is $3.85. Please pay at the office; you will be given a receipt to present to the lunch staff.