About Heritage Community Charter School

HCCS is a tuition-free public charter school in Caldwell, Idaho. Our focus is on a classical liberal arts education with a strong foreign language emphasis through a dual language immersion program.

Grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade use the Core Knowledge Sequence in dual language Spanish immersion classrooms.  Students who enter Heritage Community Charter School in kindergarten will be bi-literate and bilingual when they graduate from the fifth grade.

The middle school program continues our strong classical, liberal arts focus by beginning the study of Classical Latin, Formal Logic and an emphasis on great literature and the Socratic method in teaching. A print rich and language rich environment encourages children to be their best selves as students and citizens.

HCCS has the belief that all students can learn. We provide Title One Services for students needing extra help in both Reading and Math.  We also provide Special Education services for students who qualify for special instruction. 

At Heritage Community Charter School we have Core Characteristics that are instilled and taught in all HCCS classrooms. Our Core Characteristics are responsibility, diligence/work, compassion, friendship, courage, loyalty, perseverance, and honesty.

To view our charter please click HERE. For more information about our programs please read our informational brochure or visit the FAQ page. To view our State Report Card, please click HERE.

Dual Language Immersion Classrooms…What does it look like?

Dual Immersion education is an exciting and innovative program in which children develop the ability to speak, read, and write in English and Spanish. At HCCS our kindergarten through fifth grade classes are part of this program.  The same academic content and standards as other educational programs are taught while providing instruction in two languages over an extended period of time.  In this program, children will learn in stimulating and creative ways leading to language proficiency in both English and Spanish.  Knowledge of more than one language and culture is becoming increasingly important for our children’s full participation in a culturally and linguistically diverse world.

There are a number of reasons for a dual language immersion program.  First, there is a growing need in this country for individuals to speak and understand Spanish.  Children in schools in Europe often learn multiple languages in order to communicate with the people of the various countries that surround them.  Second, research shows that it is much easier to learn a second language when you are young.  Incorporating an immersion program in both Spanish and English creates an environment where students can practice the language they are learning with students and teachers who know the language.  Finally, research in dual language immersion programs across the country shows students who participate in a dual language immersion program outperform their counterparts in all-English programs on tests of academic achievement in English.  Or, at worst, they do just as well.” (Krashen, S. and G. McField, 2005)  The same statement can also be made about mathematic performance of these students.  With all of the evidence to support the success of dual language immersion programs it only makes sense to offer this kind of innovative program to our students.

The video below gives you shares a glimpse of dual immersion in the classroom.