Parent, Teacher, Student Organization

President: Heidi Tracy and Taylor Endicott; Vice President: OPEN; Secretary: OPEN; Treasurer: Brandie Chan

Elementary Parent Representative: OPEN  Elementary Teacher Representative: OPEN

Middle School Parent Representative: OPEN; Middle School Teacher Representative: OPEN

The purpose of the PTSO is to:

A. Support the education and serve as an advocate of children at HCCS through volunteering and fundraising.

B. Promote the general welfare of HCCS.

C. Foster closer working relationships among school, parents, faculty and the Board of Directors of HCCS.

D. Provide a forum for the sharing of ideas that will benefit HCCS.

PTSO meetings for 2023-2023 will be held at 5:30pm on August 30, November 29, February 28, April 17.  (Additional meetings for event planning may occur as needed.)  Please join our email list/Facebook page to be notified of upcoming dates. During each meeting we will discuss ways that we can fulfill our purpose at HCCS. We are excited to invite you to “Like” our official PTSO Facebook page. We have news, sign-ups, and other good information all in one place.


For more information about these events check our Facebook Page!

 PTSO Agendas                         PTSO Minutes                         PTSO By-Laws

 The PTSO organizes many of the events throughout the school year including:

  • Meet the Teacher
  • Harvest Festival
  • Fun Run Fundraiser
  • Math and Literacy Night
  • Uniform Exchange
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Kinder and 8th grade Graduation
  • Community Building Events
  • Box Tops
  • Teacher and Staff Support, meals, classroom supplies

Donate to Heritage Community Charter School’s:

A cash donation to Heritage Community Charter School can not only be a financial benefit to you come tax time, but can also be a significant help in the further development of HCCS.  As no goods or services are provided to you in return for your charitable contribution, the entire amount of your cash contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent otherwise allowed by law. We recommend you contact a tax professional for more information if you have any questions.

Here are some considerations to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your generous donation:

  • As a nonprofit organization, Heritage Community Charter School is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt under IRS Section 501(c)3 and as a public charity under IRS Section 170.
  • Keep records of your donations, including your Paypal receipts or letters from Heritage Community Charter School acknowledging receipt of your donation. Donations of more than $250 must be supported by record of payment from your bank (cancelled check, bank statement, etc.).

For convenient giving, please click on the button below to access our PayPal account.


To volunteer or join the PTSO, please contact: