Idaho Gives Day is May 7th!

Our mission is to enrich our dual-language, classical education model by creating an accessible library resource to foster and promote our student’s love of learning.

 We want to put a book in every child’s hand!

  2015 Goals

  • A hardback lending library for grades K-5 (English/Spanish)
  • Library furniture


Can I get more pledge cards

Sure! Stop by office and ask for more!

Can I give now or does it have to be on May 7th?

Yes, you can donate now! Simply go to the Razoo site to donate and your gift will be scheduled to withdraw on May, 7th.

What are the next phases in the library project?

The library project will be ongoing as funds come in. We have future plans for tablets, e-books,

Where will the library be located?

The library will be at the heart of the school as originally planned. Music class will likely be in a modular facility.