Dear Parents, This month the PTSO is putting together a Blessing Tree to give back to our amazing teachers/staff. There will be paper ornaments available to pick off the tree in the front lobby. If you are unable to visit the tree we will provide a list below. Thank you so much for your support this year! There is no limit on how many teachers you can bless. Let’s not forget about our Office staff, Music and P.E. teachers! Please return gifts anytime on or before December 18th.

Kris Leonardo (Front Office) 4 or 5 hook wall hanging coat rack (to hang behind our office door)

Marrivell Escobar (Front Office) Office Chair Wireless Mouse Monitor Mount copy holder (silver)

Candace Sumner (Front Office) Expandable wall/partition with 4 slots to mount on a wall Drawer Organizer no larger than 2.5” deep by 12” long by 12”wide

Mr. Castaneda (Principal/Executive Director) Pencil Sharpener Walkie Talkie Set for use with office/playground/dismissal Hot chocolate on a very cold day 🙂

Shantell Mullanix (Counselor) Post It Notes Colorful Pens Dutch Bros Gift Card Winter Scentsy Bar

Carely Leon (Kindergarten) Pencil Sharpener

Amelia Martinez (Kindergarten) Crayola Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers White Card Stock Small, medium, large googly eyes Small White Pom Poms Colorful Pom Poms

Dawn Marie Rupp (1st Grade) & SRAS. Hernandez/Sanchez Floor Puzzles (for Inside Recess) Legos/Blocks (for Inside Recess) Scabble Jr (for Inside Recess) 7 sets- Addition Flash Cards 7 sets- Subtraction Flash Cards 5- 7” tablets or bigger

Marilyn Nielson (1st Grade) Durable Stapler Washable Markers, bright colors, medium tip (for students use) Card Stock in 5 basic colors Fine Tip Markers (like Paper Mate Flair or gel pens) (for teacher use) Large White Board 4 foot by 5 foot

Francisco Olmos (2nd Grade) Colorful Dry Erase Markers Large White Board

Kayce Ramirez (2nd Grade) Rubber Cement Scotch Laminating Pouches Colored, low odor Expo Dry Erase Markers

Eden Rodriguez (3rd Grade) Colored Expo Markers (dry erase) Plastic Tabs for lesson plans BIC Cartridge White Out

Ana Tams (3rd Grade) Carpet Sweeper Pastel colored paper Bright color paper Set of Staedtler TriPlus Fine Liner Pens (Available at Walmart) Money donations to put towards Document Camera ($323 goal)

Matt Mullanix (4th Grade) Colored Pencils #2 Pencils Index Cards Expo Dry Erase Markers Card Stock Ziploc Bags Student Desks

Perla Abad (4th Grade) Expo Dry Erase markers Crayola Markers Scissors Stapler Glue Sticks Hole Punch

Anne Pete & Patsy Olson (5th Grade) Notecards Expo Dry Erase Markers Colored Pencils Markers Glue Sticks Scotch Tape Kid Scissors Highlighters Composition Notebooks Pocket Folders(Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange) Erasers Lined Paper Tissue Disinfecting Wipes

Deb Storey (6th Grade English/Language Arts) Post it Notes 1 Ream of Copy Paper Books for Classroom Library Card Stock Permanent Markers

Kristy Estrada (7th & 8th Grade English/Language Arts) Red Grading Pens Tissues Hand Sanitizer Glue Sticks Sticky Notes Expo Dry Erase Markers

Archie Buck (Middle School Math, Logic, Computer) Thumb (flash) drives 100” large pull down screen Graph Paper #2 Pencils Multi-Colored Expo Dry Erase Markers

Seth Watson (Middle School Math) Expo Dry Erase Markers Scientific Calculators notation Regular Calculators

Crystal Davidson (Middle School Science) Scotch Tape Refills Expo Dry Erase Markers Post It Tabs Graph Paper Colored Pencils

Maria Puga (Middle School Social Studies) Colored Pencils Construction Paper Markers Loose leaf notebook paper

Jessica Young (Middle School History/Social Studies/Latin) Computer Mini Speakers Globe (inflatable or real) McDougal Little (used on Amazon) Latin Root Feud Powerpoint (downloadable @ Teachers Pay Teachers)

Angie Rogers (P.E./Health) 8-10 Round Totes with Rope Handles Digital Camera Glue Sticks Electronic Tablet

Cherice Cameron (Music) Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener 35 1” black 3 ring binders


If you have questions please contact PTSO at or Jill Davis @ 880-2802. Thank you! Heritage Community Charter School PTSO